Duncan Duncan

Duncan Lemp is a technologist for hire.

From Coding to Circuitry to Crypto he is capable and willing to learn and apply any skills needed to get the job done. Founder of Nonpariel Capital, Asymmetric Volatility Services, and Zro Technologies. Problem Solver at Geometric Energy Corporation. Student/Alumni of Ecole 42 SV and Harvard edX.


C, Python, Numpy, SciPy, SciKitLearn, Tensorflow, Keras, AWS (EC2, DynamoDB, Spot Instances), REST API’s, JobLib, MatPlotLib, Linux / Unix, Functional Programming, Algorithms, Optimization, Multi Process / Threading, Preprocessing / ETL, C++, R, Solidity, Javascript, SQL, OpenCL, Caffe, Theano, OpenCV, Pandas, Web Sockets, API building / backends, Web Scraping & Robo Browsers, Software Defined Radios, Kali & Parrot OS, MetaSploit Framework, MDK3, Arduino & basic circuitry, Bioinformatics / Genomics, Object Oriented Programming, Unit Testing, Astrophysical Simulation, Cryptography, Network Analysis, CAD/SolidWorks, Basic PCB design


42: 2016-17 (17-18yo), Nonpariel Capital: 2016-18 (17-19yo), Asymmetric Volatility Services: 2018-19 (19-20yo), Zro Technologies: 2019- (21-yo)

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